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Webinar – Understanding musculoskeletal disorders and the cost to your business

On Wednesday 1st October, at 11am, we’re hosting a webinar on understanding musculoskeletal disorders, and how much they might be costing your business. It will be hosted by Jon Dance, Occupational Physiotherapy Manager for Connect. Jon is a Chartered Physiotherapist, but importantly, he has specialised in occupational health and ergonomics since 2006 and has gone on […]

Author -    Date - 26/SEP/14   Category - Blog, Occupational Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy

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How can your business reduce MSD presenteeism in the work place?

Last week we produced a blog explaining all about MSD presenteeism; what it is and how it affects businesses. Well here’s part two – what can businesses do to try and reduce MSD presenteeism in the workplace? The foundation for tackling MSD presenteeism is in creating the right culture. If businesses work to firstly understand […]

Author -    Date - 24/SEP/14   Category - Blog, Occupational Physiotherapy, Occupational Physiotherapy News, Physiotherapy

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What is presenteeism and how does it affect businesses?

The good news is that businesses across the UK are getting better at managing sickness absence. The Office for National Statistics figures show that the average number of sick days fell from 5.6 days in 2007 to 4.4 in 2014.This is great news, as we all know that when people are off work it hits […]

Author -    Date - 17/SEP/14   Category - Blog

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Grey Myths vs Silver Truths

You may have noticed the term ‘ageing workforce’ becoming more common recently, but can you separate the myths from the truths in the reporting? There is a lot of negative press surrounding the increase in the average age of the workforce, but this ignores the many positive benefits that an older workforce can bring. We’ve made […]

Author -    Date - 03/SEP/14   Category - Blog

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Connect Physiotherapy FC 0-2 XMP Services

Connect Physiotherapy FC entered the knock-out phase of the Newcastle University Business League with the daunting prospect of playing XMP Services.  In previous seasons XMP have proved too good for Connect Physiotherapy, getting the better of them on a number of occasions in previous seasons.  However there was a different attitude amongst the squad this […]

Author -    Date - 28/AUG/14   Category - Blog, Connect FC

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Stress injuries

With the high demand and pressure put on them to succeed, athletes push themselves to their limits in terms of both training and competition. Inevitably, with this comes the risk of overuse injuries, and that is what English heptathlete Katarina Johnson Thompson has recently experienced. She was forced to pull out of both the Glasgow […]

Author -    Date - 19/AUG/14   Category - Blog, Durham, Gateshead, Gosforth, Our Clinics, Physiotherapy

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Kinesio tape – what’s it all about?

As we see the European Championships start today in Zurich, we’re sure to see an array of athletes adorning the brightly coloured tape called Kinesio tape. Over recent years the tape has grown in recognition with top sporting stars such as footballer Gareth Bale,  tennis star Novak Djokovic and Olympic diver Tom Daley sporting the bright […]

Author -    Date - 12/AUG/14   Category - Blog

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Steve Miller tells us about his Commonwealth Games experience!

Connect Senior Physiotherapist Steve Miller was recently selected as one of around 400 volunteer Chartered Society of Physiotherapist (CSP) members at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. He’s told us about his experiences at the Games, his second multi-sport event in as many years, after also volunteering at the London 2012 Olympics. “I was involved in […]

Author -    Date - 06/AUG/14   Category - Blog, Physiotherapy, Staff

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Connect Physiotherapy FC 3-0 Newcastle University

After an effervescent rise to the top of the table after the opening two victories, Connect FC, player manager Andy Reilly faced tough managerial decisions going into the final game of the group stages after slumping to 6th position in the league. As Fabio Capello found in South Africa’s World Cup 2010, WAGs provided an […]

Author -    Date - 04/AUG/14   Category - Blog, Connect FC

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