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About Connect

No.1 quality MSK provider in the UK

Connect has grown from a single private clinic established in 1989 to being the largest provider of community musculoskeletal physiotherapy services in the UK, with over 150 clinical experts in MSK and occupational physiotherapy.

We provide bespoke occupational services to companies and organisations, large and small. We’re also a trusted and longstanding provider of numerous community service contracts across the country for the NHS.

Our Vision

We have one vision, and that is to help people improve their quality of life. It’s why we exist and it’s what we care passionately about.

Our Values

Many companies will reel off an impressive, yet unattainable, list of their values. What’s different about Connect is you will see and experience our values demonstrated and lived out every day. From our specialised clinicians to our administrative and support staff, everyone at Connect shares the same passion for delivering the best service, treatment and patient experience we can. You could say it’s in our DNA to help people improve their quality of life. 

Integrity – we act with integrity in all we say and do

Positive – we have a positive attitude to life and work

Supportive – we are supportive to the needs of our patients, colleagues and clients

Passion – we are energetic and enthusiastic and have a genuine desire to make a difference

Growth – we believe that a commitment to personal growth and development will lead to success for all – the individual, the team and the company

Delivery – we understand the importance of doing what we say and delivering on time, every time

We are people-focused

Our services are wholly designed to focus on the patient experience and what really makes a difference to them. Being seen in the right place, at the right time, by the right clinician. It’s exactly what a patient wants, and it’s helped countless people improve their quality of life.

Over the years, we’ve gained invaluable experience in offering patients with MSK conditions highly specialised clinical excellence, as well as support and advice so they can make informed decisions about their care. The results are invariably the same; patients tell us that they gain confidence, energy and enthusiasm to maintain and manage their own wellbeing. While GPs tell us their referrals move quickly and smoothly through the patient pathway.

Our team

Passionate people

Being the number one quality MSK provider in the UK is only made possible by our expert teams who give their time, talents, energy and support. We believe that together, we can continue to innovate for the benefit of our patients and partners, and the advancement of MSK services nationwide.

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Meet our management team

Our management team come from many different backgrounds but approach their work with real energy and passion, bringing vital experience to our operations.

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Join our team

Our physiotherapists and clinical specialists are all experts in their field from extended scope practitioners to sport and exercise medicine consultants to MSK physiotherapists and occupational health physiotherapists. While our administrative, planning and service staff who support our frontline team are equally skilled, knowledgeable and talented individuals.

We endeavour to work with the best, and once you join us, you’ll see we’re committed to your training and development – in fact, we’re renowned for it.

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