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Connect Physiotherapy

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We have highly trained clinicians specialising in musculoskeletal disorders available across the UK.

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Connect and the NHS

Exceptional patient care coupled with unparalleled experience in delivering NHS services across the country.

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Occupational Physiotherapy

We've been improving the productivity of companies and organisations, across the UK for over twenty five years.

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About Connect

We are the largest specialist provider of musculoskeletal physiotherapy services in the UK. We offer bespoke occupational services to companies and organisations, large and small, as well as being a trusted and longstanding provider of numerous community service contracts across the country for the NHS.

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Physiotherapy and You

Getting to the heart of a musculoskeletal disorder is as much about listening and understanding ‘your story’ as it is about having the expertise and knowledge to assess, diagnose and recommend an effective treatment plan.

We don’t believe in shortcuts, quick fixes or just treating the symptoms; we get right to the heart of the problem to help you improve the quality of your life. All our specialists are attentive and empathetic practitioners, as well as clinical experts.

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Common conditions

A musculoskeletal condition can be an injury, damage or a disorder of the joints, muscles, ligaments, nerves or bones
in the body. Musculoskeletal disorders can arise as a direct result of an injury or as a gradual build-up of strain on the
body tissues over time. They can occur as a result of sport, leisure or work and, in many instances, are the result of a combination of factors, rather than one single cause.

Our clinical experts

Our Connect clinicians are approachable and attentive practitioners, who ensure a patient remains the primary focus throughout the entire assessment, treatment and management of their condition.

All our clinicians are up to date with treatments and services that sit outside their area of expertise. So, if necessary,
they can direct patients to other specialists in the Connect team with more appropriate skills and experience, or refer
them on to an external provider.

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Treatment guides

The musculoskeletal system was designed for movement and therefore movement is at the heart of all our treatment programmes. Exercise improves quality of life, general health, energy levels, general wellbeing and enables people
to function independently.

Our treatment plans are personalised to a patient’s individual needs to restore as much movement as possible,
help them to return to their normal daily activities and improve their quality of life.

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